Friday, May 16, 2008

I created a Technorati Profile for this blog. I thought it might help some of the Emerson LaSalle fans out there find us. It would be nice to have a wider community of fans be able to communicate with each other.

I am putting together a trivia/fun fact thing that will live on the right side of the page and randomly show unique facts about Emerson LaSalle and his novels. If you would like to suggest anything for it, please email me at Or if you just want to suggest something about the site or if you just need to vent your frustration, you can email me, too.

I tried to take photos with the camera in my telephone of some covers from a few LaSalle novels, but they are too blurry to be any good. I hope to purchase a picture-scanner for our computer here at the office and maybe create a small gallery of covers. Do any of you have any? Send them on if you do and we'll post them.

Well, this was really all just a bit of house-cleaning I suppose. I will post something more interesting over the weekend. Oh, and I asked the trading card people to send us a sample of one of the cards so we know what they might look like. They are sending me a George Orwell card in the mail. I'll try to find a way to put a picture on the website when it gets up here.


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Don said...

Am a new LaSalle fan, don't see any comments here or newer entries and hope there'll be some soon. My favorite writer since Jeff Lint.