Friday, April 25, 2008

Thanks to You All

I just wanted to post on behalf of the staff and everyone how much we appreciate all of your support over the last couple of months. As you probably noticed, I changed the title picture on this page. "The Tickle of Doom's Tendrils" was always my favorite LaSalle novel and as much as I loved that just seemed a bit obscene given the context of Mr. LaSalle's untimely end. And since we had a computer wreck (Marie says the correct term is a "server crash," but that doesn't express the scope of how mangled all these computer files got!), I figured I would give the site a new picture. We sort of let this blog expire after the computer wreck and Mr. LaSalle's passing, and I am in the process of reposting as much of his online posts as I can recover. Thank you in advance to anyone who saved any of those posts. You can contact me here and we'll get info and all for you to email or post them. As many of you know, since he began this blog in August of 2006, Mr. LaSalle didn't actually "post" his blog entries, he wrote them out on a legal pad and gave them to staffers to post for him. I have located a few of those pads, and most of them are undated. I'll do my best to get them in order, but please bear with us. (God, he would've laughed at that choice of words!)

We are in the process of going through the extensive archives here and at Mr. LaSalle's home office. There is really quite a lot of great material, many unfinished or unpublished manuscripts...even a few drawings and photos. It will take time, but we are working on possibly printing some of this material as a tribute to the man that gave us all so much joy.

If you have any photos or favorite stories, please post them here. We are all friends and we all share the pain of his passing. I won't go into detail on the site, but needless to say this was a traumatic experience for us all. The letters and remembrances here at the office and at Mr. LaSalle's home have truly touched us all.

Thank you?



Dr. Wagner said...

I heard a rumor that a couple of years ago he went into his back yard and dug his own grave.

EmersonLasalle said...

Whether that grave was intended for himself or someone else, I do not know. Yes, there was a long hole in the backyard of the LaSalle home roughly the size of a grave. What intentions he had for it, I do not personally know.

gorjus said...

Glad to see you guys popping back on the web, Jim. I look forward to reading the reclaimed posts. I don't think I have any, personally, and the Google cache only seems to have gotten that month that you and Marie already said that y'all had.

EmersonLasalle said...

Yes, Marie is a whiz on the computer and was able to find four or five posts. I am glad to do something besides digging through dusty boxes for a change. I think that it will do me some good to resurrect this web-page and get some info out for all the fans who were so generous with their support these past months. Thanks, also to Brian and Mark for their dillegence in dismantaling some of the booby-traps Mr. LaSalle set in his home. I hope that the toe reattachment holds, Mark, but either way you're more of a man than me...ten toes or not!


El Magnifico said...

LaSalle was a son of a bitch and I for one am glad he is dead!!